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With Passion, Integrity, Experience.


Providing all kinds of construction solutions.


Fuel Oil System & Piping Works.



Our professional staff  & hardworking experienced crew work with our clients, assuming a tight schedule, economical construction and above all quality workmanship throughout the entire project.

  • Detailed planning and monitoring makes sure that project activities are done on time.
  • Effective control on quality of material at procurement & inventory level ensures that only specified product is used.
  • A system of product testing guarantees eliminating use of defective material.
  • Regular audits of Inventory for quality & quantity are per formed.
  • Regular calibration of our tools & equipment enables workmanship to be error free.
  • Advance material scheduling allow important material to be identified, approved and available well before the start of actual activity.
  • A comprehensive program of equipment maintenance is practiced to avoid any surprise failure and to use the equipment to optimum capacity.
  • Frequent project meetings at sites and at head office helps in fast decision making and removing bottlenecks.
  • A modern cost control system helps in avoiding wastage, identifying losses and maintain proper cash flow.

SHR production facility is well equipped with all modern tools & machinery. Moreover, we take pride in latest quality control facilities to monitor, record & maintain in the supreme quality standards to the entire satisfaction of our valued clients. Emphasis on quality work at all stages of design, planning & installation jobs are the hallmark of our organization for which our team enjoys enviable reputation tin the public as well as private sectors.

SHR got ASME Certificates of Authorization for ‘S’ & ‘U’ Stamps for Fabrication of Boilers, Pressure Vessels and National Board ‘R’ Stamp Certification for repair of Pressure Retaining Parts/Equipment’s along with National Board Registration.

Diversification and access to a variety of essential resources that are required for successful operations, distinguishes us from other reputable contracting companies in Pakistan.


◊ Non-residential Building Construction.
◊ Industrial Building and Structure Construction.
◊ Commercial and Institutional Building Construction.
◊ Utility System Construction.
◊ Water and Sewer Line and Related Structures Construction.
◊ Oil and Gas Pipeline and Related Structures Construction.
◊ Heavy Foundations For Vessels, Equipment, Machinery, Water Retaining And Oil Tanks, Supports/Anchors Etc.
◊ Earth Works, Embankment, Dykes, Bund Wall, Stone/Brick Pitching Etc.
◊ Rcc/Combined Steel Structure Shed/Store.


◊ Fabrication, Erection Of Oil And Gas Process/Purification/Dehydration/Condensate Plant.
◊ All Piping, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Rcc & Steel Structural Works.
◊ Installation Of Compressor/Separator Units, Cooler, Scrubber, Slug Catcher, Piping, Supports, Skids And Inter Connection Of Complete System.
◊ Electrical And Instrumentation, Testing And Commissioning. Construction And Installation Hrsg.
◊ Units with Stack & Foundations Hydrolyses/Stripper Column and associated Equipment.
◊ Include All other  Mechanical Works.


◊ Fabrication, Erection Of Oil/Water Steel & Storage Tanks.
◊ Fabrication, Erection Ladders.
◊ Fabrication, Erection Structural Work.
◊ Fabrication, Erection Heat Exchanger Etc.
◊ Installation Of Pumps, Piping And Other Mechanical Works Including Foundation.
◊ Instrument And Electrical Work. Earthen Dykes With Brick Pitching And Other Civil Work.
◊ Erection And Welding Of Piping, Valves, Bends & Other Specials.
◊ Enter Connections Of Pipeline Networks, Cyclone, Dykes, Vessels, Stacks, Trusses
◊ All Foundations, Supports, Crossings and other Civil works.


◊ Bridges, Gantry cranes, Beams, Trusses, Buildings, Skids, Boiler Components (Non-Pressure Parts) Associated Work.
◊ Pre-Fabrication Of Spools (As Per Developed Isometrics).
◊ Erection And Welding Of Piping, Valves, Bends & Other Specials.
◊ Inter Connections Of Pipeline Networks, Cyclone, Dykes, Vessels, Stacks, Trusses And Walkway Etc.
◊ All Foundations, Supports, Crossings and other Civil works.
◊ Camp Construction By Portable Cabins (Container) Office, Messing & Residential Units Arrangements & Supporting Workshop Facilities.