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Our company specializes in Domestic & International Designing, Construction & Import-Export Business, providing customers with solutions for projects. Company has strong technical force and trading power, can provide customers from Design, Selection, Quality control, Trade and logistics services to the entire process.

  • Our main products are Chemicals, Industrial parts, Construction materials, Metal Machinery equipment, Textile, Auto spare parts, and Engineering services. From our company’s name we have a strong technical background in both engineering and exports throughout the globe including countries like Korea, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Mozambique, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Italy and America.
  • Our market position is Oil, natural gas, refined oil, water, gas, pulp, chemical material handling industry and steel products relating to markets and customers.
  • SHRCON core competence is the operational capabilities of large-scale Procurement projects and multi-standard, supply capacity Over past year, SHR has accumulated a strong and healthy market trust thought a simple principle that we follow SHR has been providing support and services to all major Industries, Contractor and Traders in the region SHR is the authorized agent and distributor of many Manufacturers .
  • In order to cope up with the huge demand of market, SHR trades materials from fluke tools.SHR company has strong technical force, that operating large, high standards of experience and expertise in engineering operational capacity, whom have participated in a number of large oil and gas pipeline construction project at home and abroad, and achieved remarkable results.An advantage of SHR is that our engineers has more than 10 years’ experience in the fields of Chemical engineering, Mechanical design, Metal materials, Hydraulic technology, Electrical control, Construction materials and Textile products.


We are the supplier of Industrial products, and solve all the problems of our customers.
Generate high standarsds of commitment to our customers.
Treat our Clients, Suppliers and Employees with honesty and respect.
To growth in both business and professional life.
To provide a quality working environment with advanced technology that enhance all employees quality of life.


Let the world share china’s excellent industrial products, changing the world’s view of china’s industrial products to narrow the distance between the world and china.
Instalment Financing, Extended Warranty, Accidental Damage and Loyalty Programs allows customer to finance and protect their investment on the long run.
This provides customers increasing affordability of products (i.e. financing) and prolong the life of the products.


SHRCON offers the best value for money on the market, with unbeatable Price, Quality, Services.
Shrcon is recognized by its customers as a true technology expert.
This is a key asset in a market where rapid changes in products and technologies are often confusing the customers.
We are committed to provide our products at the right time at the right place with zero tolerance.


A dedicated team of sales and specialist guarantees unparalleled level of technical and value added service.
Customer can secure and optimize Return on Investment by asking about Shron Trading Warranty Programs.
The customer is never alone The depth of product selection, the range offered, training and after sales services, states that the customer will chose the best products for his use,assured of its use due to availability of training and support. (repairs, upgrades, installation etc.).