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Our company specializes in Domestic & International Designing, Construction & Import-Export Business, providing customers with solutions for projects. Company has strong technical force and trading power, can provide customers from Design, Selection, Quality control, Trade and logistics services to the entire process.

  • Our main products are Chemicals, Industrial parts, Construction materials, Metal Machinery equipment, Textile, Auto spare parts, and Engineering services. From our company’s name we have a strong technical background in both engineering and exports throughout the globe including countries like Korea, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Mozambique, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Italy and America.
  • Our market position is Oil, natural gas, refined oil, water, gas, pulp, chemical material handling industry and steel products relating to markets and customers.
  • SHRCON core competence is the operational capabilities of large-scale Procurement projects and multi-standard, supply capacity Over past year, SHR has accumulated a strong and healthy market trust thought a simple principle that we follow SHR has been providing support and services to all major Industries, Contractor and Traders in the region SHR is the authorized agent and distributor of many Manufacturers .
  • In order to cope up with the huge demand of market, SHR trades materials from fluke tools.SHR company has strong technical force, that operating large, high standards of experience and expertise in engineering operational capacity, whom have participated in a number of large oil and gas pipeline construction project at home and abroad, and achieved remarkable results.An advantage of SHR is that our engineers has more than 10 years’ experience in the fields of Chemical engineering, Mechanical design, Metal materials, Hydraulic technology, Electrical control, Construction materials and Textile products.


Efficient Sourcing: The primary objective of our company is to efficiently source construction products from reliable manufacturers and suppliers. We aim to build a strong network of trusted partners to ensure a steady supply of high-quality materials for our clients.

Cost Optimization: We strive to optimize costs in the procurement process without compromising on the quality of construction products. Our objective is to negotiate competitive prices and explore bulk purchasing opportunities to pass on cost benefits to our clients.

Timely Delivery: Our objective is to ensure timely delivery of construction products to project sites. We aim to streamline our logistics and supply chain management to minimize delays and meet project timelines effectively.


Client Satisfaction: The primary goal of our company is to ensure utmost client satisfaction. We aim to understand the unique needs of each client and provide them with construction products that align with their project requirements, budget, and timelines.

Quality Assurance: One of our key goals is to maintain strict quality control measures throughout the procurement process. We are committed to sourcing construction products from reputable manufacturers and suppliers to deliver materials of the highest quality to our clients.

Wide Product Range: Our goal is to offer a wide and diverse range of construction products. Whether it's cement, steel, lumber, electrical fixtures, plumbing materials, or any other construction item, we aim to have a comprehensive catalog to meet the varied needs of our clients.


Sustainability and Innovation: We are passionate about promoting sustainability and innovation in the construction industry. Our mission is to offer eco-friendly and innovative construction products that contribute to greener building practices.

Transparent and Trustworthy Relationships: Building trust and fostering transparent relationships with our clients and suppliers is a fundamental part of our mission. We aim to be a reliable partner that our clients can depend on for their construction products procurement needs.

Safety and Compliance: Our mission is to prioritize safety in all aspects of construction products procurement. We ensure that all products meet industry safety standards and comply with relevant regulations, contributing to a secure working environment for construction projects.


Simplifying Procurement: Our vision is to simplify the procurement process for construction products, making it seamless, efficient, and cost-effective for our clients. We aim to be the go-to platform for all their construction material needs.

Comprehensive Product Range: We envision offering an extensive and diverse range of construction products, encompassing everything from raw materials to finished products. Our goal is to be a one-stop solution, catering to various construction project requirements.

Quality Assurance: We are committed to delivering construction products of the highest quality. Our vision involves establishing strong partnerships with reputed manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that our clients receive reliable and top-notch materials.